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Jamie Thierman, a composer and orchestrator of Los Angeles


Jamie Thierman is a composer, orchestrator, a lover of music from around the world, and a born and bred Alaskan. She currently lives in Los Angeles, writing music for both concert and film, and orchestrating music for major movies and TV shows as part of the Tutti Music Partners team.

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Latest From Ledger Lines

The Remains: a Transformation from Film Music to Concert Winds
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As an orchestrator I spend much of my day immersed in film music, so the fact that film music essence is sneaking into my concert works isn’t surprising. But even still, I was nervous to compose a concert piece based … Read More

The Importance of Being Playable
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I essentially ignored playability for the first half of my composition career. I have definitely spent many a performance of my compositions cringing at how bad it sounds, usually blaming the penurious rehearsal schedule. It wasn’t until a piece of … Read More

For the Love of Orchestration
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I became an orchestrator by accident. It’s not exactly a job you find as an answer on high-school career quizzes. I hadn’t even heard of it until I was almost finished with my graduate studies, and trying to figure out … Read More

From Inception to Fruition, New Wind Ensemble Premiere
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I had a phenomenal world premiere at Florida Atlantic University a few weekends ago. The piece performed was Aerial Navigation, a crazy, groovy, off-kilter, torpedo of a piece that was first written for Solo Trumpet and Brass Quintet back in…2012, … Read More

A Director’s Guide to Communicating with Composers
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I’m working on a very beautiful and meaningful short film right now, and the director and I are currently in the Terminology Tango: that careful dance you do as you’re going back and forth with new revisions and new requests, … Read More

The Art Of Working From Home
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I’ve worked from home for five years, and now as we’re adjusting to the shelter-in-place lifestyle it seems useful to share my experience in this unique skill. Working from home used to be one of my largest sources of stress … Read More