The Third Floor Bedroom Score Cover Art

World premiere, UWG Percussion Ensemble at GMEA Virtual Conference 2021

General Info

Instrumentation: 3 Marimba players, 2 Xylophone players, (sharing 3 instruments: 2 Marimbas and 1 Xylophone)

Duration: 3 min.

Year Composed: 2011

Program Notes

The Third-Floor Bedroom was inspired by a single page from my favorite picture book The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg. The book is a collection of beautiful and fascinating illustrations, each belonging to different stories. The reader is only given the title for each page and one line from each story, leaving the rest to imagination. On one of these pages, entitled The Third-Floor Bedroom, is a drawing of the inside of a child’s room. The room is lined with wallpaper full of birds, starting to peel themselves off of the wall and into life.


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Score and Parts (Printed) $40.00

Score Preview